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Zio-Christianity (tags)

And the Lord said: PAY YOUR TAXES....

The Web: Problems with online polling (tags)

Great story by Gene Koprowski about online voting polls.

La prueba del SIDA de Naomi Klein (tags)

Escribo apesadumbrado por el sorprendente despliegue de ingenuidad de la autora de No Logo en su reciente "La prueba del Sida de Bush", publicado por RebeliĆ³n el 16 de octubre.

Iraqi let Baghdad fall for payoff (tags)

It's not clear if this story is true. But what is clear is that there was strong resistance fighting in the south of Iraq -- even in small towns, and where the Pentagon actually expected greater support, not resistance. And then, all of the sudden and in total break of pattern, the Americans had no trouble rolling into the capitol city. That suggests that a deal of some sort like the one talked about below did in fact happen. With time, we will know the truth. -ziggy

The Rosy Dawn of US Imperialism (tags)

Hawai'i, January 16, 1893 The Rosy Dawn of US Imperialism by GARY LEUPP January 16, 2003 CounterPunch edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair

Nelson Mandela says U.S. a threat to world peace (tags)

Mandela is one of the only true "statesmen" in the world - a real leader.

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