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Obama's Phony War on ISIS (tags)


Gerald Celente's Occupy Peace Initiative (tags)


Ukraine Declares Russia a Military Adversary (tags)


No Letup in Anti-Russian Propaganda (tags)


Ukraine Commemorates V-Day by Waging War and Honoring Nazi Criminals (tags)


Saudis May Go Nuclear (tags)

Saudi Arabia

Kiev's Junta: Talking Peace, Waging War (tags)


Waging Phony War on Terror (tags)


Waging War on Islam (tags)


Talking Peace, Waging Wa (tags)


Terrorist Crimes Against Humanity (tags)

state terrorism

Obama's Rogue Agenda (tags)


Priority One: Stopping Obama's Rage for War (tags)


Whither Obama? (tags)


Bradley Manning Addresses Sentencing Hearing (tags)

police state

Obama: The Worst of Nixon/Bush II Writ Large (tags)

police state

The Chemical Weapons Hoax (tags)


Obama's War on Free Expression (tags)

police state

Obama's Asia Pivot (tags)


UNESCO Peace Prize to a War Criminal (tags)


Israel's War Criminal of the Year Award (tags)


The Truth About "Class War" in America (tags)

According to the myth, higher profits lead to greater investments and more jobs. In truth, higher profits lead to speculation in foreign currencies and corporations buying back their own stock. In the 50s and 60s when the top tax rate was 90%, job creation and growth occurred.

US-Arroyo’s Double Talk: Talking Peace, Waging War (tags)

The Alliance for A Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines (AJLPP) –USA express its serious and deep concern over the ongoing war in Mindanao the Philippine armed forces in Basilan and Sulu is waging that have claimed more than 100 lives in three separate clashes since the second week of July.

The Troops Don't Support the Constitution (tags)

Every U.S. soldier takes an express and solemn oath to "support and defend the Constitution." That oath, however, is a sham because the troops do not support or defend the Constitution. Instead, when it comes to war the troops follow another oath they take - to obey the orders of the president, and they do this without regard to whether such orders violate the Constitution.

Forced uniformity (tags)

War helps the recovery of the state. War automatically sets in motion irresistible forces of uniformity in the whole society, that passionate agreement of the majority with the state leadership against minorities and individuals who lack the herd instinct..

The FBI Is Waging War On Americans (tags)

The FBI has been waging war on Americans for decades. Occasionally their illegal and unconstitutional activities have been curtailed by congress and the courts. Now that there is no separation of powers, the FBI and it's anti-American Attorney General, John Ashcroft, have pulled out the stops and are escalating their offensive.

Al-Qaeda: `We're waging war against U.S. because of Israel' (tags)

Cover story in today's Haaretz (12/1/'02)

Tell Senator Feinstein (tags)

Tell our frowning leaders to stop waging war and start waging peace. August 22, '02 from 4 to 6 pm a coalition of the concerned will be doing just that at the office of Senator Feinstein (11111 Santa Monica Blvd. W.L.A.). Your participation is sincerely requested. For info. contact 626-791-1978x131, or follow the link.

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