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Obama's Demagoguery in Selma (tags)


The Year Ahead (tags)


A Government to be Feared (tags)

A Government to be Feared

Obama: Jobs Destroyer (tags)


Hypocrisy not Democracy in America (tags)


Washington and Israel Threaten Humanity (tags)


Act Up Against ACTA (tags)


America: Heading for Tyranny and Impoverishment (tags)

scoundrel government

Hail to the Chief: Spinning Obama's Presidency (tags)

spinning betrayal

Obama Capitulates to Republicans (tags)

Obama betrayal

How Obama's Health Care "Reform" Kills Health Care (tags)

It’s difficult to understand a subject when those explaining it are motivated not by truth, but profit. In the case of health care, both Democrats and Republicans have huge financial incentives to obscure, mislead, or lie. Instead of common sense and honesty directing the debate, bags of money facilitate the conversation, funneled in from the health care industry via lobbyists into Congressmen’s pockets. This is the real reason that Obama’s “health care summit” was full of free-market jargon, staged debate and fake rage.

Obama suffers from “Limelightitus”. (tags)

It is a genetic condition passed on in families from father to son.

Obama Year One: Betrayal and Failure (Part II) (tags)

Worse than Bush

Obama Year One: Betrayal and Failure (tags)

Obama's shocking betrayal

A Year of Obama (tags)

"Not learning lessons from the bank collapse reproduces or strengthens the dominance of the financial sector. The danger of a repetition of the crisis grows..The political right-wing slanders the health reform project as an `attack on freedom.'"

Systemic Failure: Capitalism "Lays an Egg" (tags)

deepening economic crisis

Barack Obama and the "End" of Racism (tags)

Obama doesn’t represent peace – he represents an expansion of war and the power of Empire. He’s even more extreme on this than Bush himself, except in his public rhetoric. He doesn’t represent the real and legitimate needs, desires and hopes of Black people - he refuses to speak openly of the most fundamental issues affecting Black people. He doesn’t represent the “end of racism,” but the perpetuation of oppression in a new guise.

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