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Republican Race Tightens: Does It Matter? (tags)


Obama: War Criminal, Tyrant, Torturer, Racist, Corporate Tool, World-Class Thug (tags)


US-Style Democracy (tags)


Obama Targets Free Expression (tags)

police state

Holder Resigns (tags)


Scoundrel Media Reactions to Obama's Syrian Aggression (tags)


Washington Hawks Want Greater Middle East Spending (tags)


MSM Ignore International and Constitutional Law (tags)


Obama's War on Net Neutrality (tags)

police state

Briatain Harasses Human Rights Lawyer (tags)

police state

Reid Derails Fast Track (tags)


Obama Defends the Indefensible (tags)


Obama's War on Freedom (tags)

police state

Obama's War on Press Freedom (tags)


New Millennium Resource Wars (tags)


Anti-Syrian Media Bias (tags)


EU A Key NSA Target (tags)


Bradley Manning: Victimized by Police State Injustice (tags)

police stat

Whistleblower Russell Tice Tells More (tags)

police state

Edward Snowden Charged Under the Espionage Act (tags)

police state

Obama Wants Whistleblowers Silenced (tags)

police state

Obama's War on Free Expression (tags)

police state

Unbreakable US/Israeli Ties (tags)


Obama's War on Whistleblowers (tags)

police state

Money Printing Madness (tags)

class war

Washington and Israel Threaten Humanity (tags)


Stand Your Ground Laws Legalize Murder (tags)


Obama's Broken Resolutions and Occupy White House (tags)

Generalized security requires a social net, not lies and trillions to the banks. There has been a 30-year war in which the voice of business became louder. The financial sector must be shriveled. Private losses cannot become public losses. 14 million jobs can be created.

Freedom: An Endangered Species in America (tags)


Proposed FCC Media Consolidation Rules (tags)


Internet Freedom Threatened (tags)


Obama: A disaster for civil liberties (tags)

Obama is a police state thug, just like Bush!!!!

Democrat Obama Chooses anti-union, anti-gay Charlotte NC for 2012 convention (tags)

In choosing Charlotte, North Carolina to host the 2012 Democratic National Convention, President Obama selected a city with no unionized hotels, a non-union convention center, and the least union membership of the four options. AND Charlotte is not a friendly place for LGBT people.

Barack Obama Is Taking On a Lot of Bum Advice (tags)

It’s painful to watch Sen. Barack Obama slide over to the Right on so many important issues, as the presidential election heats up in ‘08. FISA, NAFTA and Israel are a few. He’s also met with Colin Powell and suggested that he might keep Robert Gates on as his Secretary of Defense. What’s next? Irv “Scooter” Libby as head of his Justice Department? If Obama doesn’t want to flop, like Sen. John Kerry did in ‘04, he better ponder changing his ways.

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