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Irony of Our Times (tags)

This report should awaken our people to the out of control liars and murderers of the USA's intelligence community.

Prelude to the Great Glomart Train Wreck: A Parable for Our Times (tags)

"Glomart" is short for "Global Market Economy." It is my name for the Corporate Beast who is our common enemy - the enemy of humanity and Gaia alike. Resemblances to the names "Walmart" and "K-Mart" are entirely intentional. -Tom Ellis

A Different Perspective -Earl Ofari Hutchinson Our Times Crenshaw 9/15/00 (tags)

"The loss of Our Times is not a time to mourn. It's a time for those who care deeply about issues in our community and want to be kept informed about them to redouble their support of those local black and Latino newspapers, public access media shows, and radio outlets that will continue to provide our community with critical news, information and voices."

Our Times, Your times, Hard times (tags)

Robert Scheer's farewll column in Our Times, Santa Monica. Referred to by Karen Pomer in her open letter.

LA Times turns it's back on local coverage (tags)

The L.A. Times has just ceased publication of Our Times sections covering neighborhood news in 14 Southland communities -- an all-too-typical example of how corporate media fail to serve real community needs. Activist and radio producer Karen Pomer is circulating the following open letter to the staff of Our Times Santa Monica, which IMC-LA is proud to reproduce.

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