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affordable health care

The Death of Populism in America (tags)

Obama's destructive health care legislation

Media Disseminated Myths about Obamacare (tags)

lies and deceit about health care reform

Universal Single-Payer Healthcare Coverage: An Economic Stimulus Plan (tags)

Imagine - doing the right thing is economically beneficial.

Why I Voted NO on H.R. 3962 (Health Care) (tags)

Outside of the business as usual misinformation coming from medical insurance corporation spokespersons claiming Obama's healthcare plan is "socialist", very few legitimate critiques of Obamacare have made headlines. Here is another "NO" vote against H.R. 3962, though this time for very different reasons.

BTL:Healthcare Bill Passed by House Fails to Deliver Real Reform (tags)

BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine

Health activists urge ‘Health care for all’ (tags)

WASHINGTON — During its annual conference here Nov. 12-14, the Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN) issued a clarion call to defend Medicaid and Medicare.

Leaving Las Vegas for a healthier state of being? (tags)

Since Nevada is no longer a frontier state, a fundamental rethinking of health care is in order; "The libertarian attitude has to evolve" else "we should all leave"

A Brief Letter From Atlanta (tags)

MARTA will not allow Non-Profit Groups to Use Buses and Trains to Place Advertisements for Approximately 510,000 Daily Riders.Emory University Continues Cover-Ups Regarding Public Health and Veterans Health.Opposition to these is Strong at Times then Waning. Sucess comes but is Hard to Gauge.Opposition Hampered by Several Factors:Firings,Money.

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