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Lunatics in Washington Want Direct Confrontation with Russia (tags)


Irresponsible NYT and CNN Venezuela Bashing (tags)


Obama Heads for Full-Scale War on Syria (tags)


Planned US Coup in Greece? (tags)


Naked Israeli Aggression (tags)


Syrian Opposition Unity Deal (tags)


Irresponsible Anti-Iranian Fear-Mongering (tags)


Shooting the Messenger in Syria (tags)


Bizarre Developments in Haiti (tags)

more despotism planned

Easing Gaza's Siege: Bogus and Unacceptable (tags)

Israel's easing bogus

Iranian Scientist Assassinated as US Steps Up War Threats (tags)

"In the absence of Security Council approval, Washington will likely impose its own unilateral sanctions, with the support of Britain and other allies. Legislation now pending in the US Congress would give the Obama administration the power to enforce an embargo on Iran’s importation of refined petroleum. With Iran dependent on imports for 40 percent of its refined petroleum, such a measure would have a crippling effect and would be tantamount to the launching of a war."

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