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Stéréotypie éducastrationnelle (tags)

Capitalisme privé ou étatique...

Stases psychiques et stases sexuelles (tags)

L'inhibition de l'action qui asphyxie...

"We live in a time of radical counter-enlightenment" (tags)

Political struggle always means the struggle over the definitional power and appropriation of the world. For decades, neoliberalism has carried out a redistribution project against the majority of the population. This neoliberal project is only possible when

Authoritarian Capitalism and Digital Demagogue (tags)

Trump is not an individual phenomenon but one of many structural manifestations of the sudden change of neoliberalism into authoritarian capitalism.

Authoritarian Capitalism (tags)

Phenomena like Trump and the new nationalisms confirm the actuality of the theory of the authoritarian personality articulated by Wilhelm Reich, Erich Fromm, and Theodor Adorno. By their structure, capitalist social media encourage narcissism and are not social media

Le fascisme du monde (tags)

Quand vivre c'est monter sur un ring...

Capital de mutation, capital de régénération (tags)

Régénération du capital...

Paraphysique de l'atimie (tags)

Rides de la modernité, la modernité des rides...

Révolution sexuelle, Wilhelm Reich, sexpol (tags)

Réactualisation du sexpol...

Politique de la poésie (tags)

Politique de la poésie, poésie de la politique...

Le fascisme du monde (tags)

Le fascisme est chez lui partout, sous d'autres formes, c'est tout...

Conscience de l'isolement (tags)

Conscience de l'isolement, l'isolement de la conscience...

La recherche de la dominance (tags)

Domination de l'inconscience, l'inconscience de la domination...

Yeah But Did Jesus Masturbate? (tags)

So, a Dr. King agrees to look over an ancient piece of papyrus of a certain tested date and qualifies what seems to be a reference to a wife that Jesus might have had.

Psychology and the Shrinking of America (tags)

Psychology and the Shrinking of America

Abolish Teenage Sexual Abstinence (tags)

The truth about the destructive effects of teenage sexual abstinence has been suppressed for more than 100 years. Religions have promoted unhealthy attitudes toward sexuality for thousands of years. The truth must be heard, and honest dialogue encouraged.

Digital Physics reality Series (tags)

As quantum theory has slowly emerged new theories of everything (TOE) have come to the forefront. Digital Physics is one such theory which supposedly undercuts M-theory with Occam's Razor.

1984 (tags)

Ministry of love

Surveillance Camera Players: 10-Year report (tags)

The Surveillance Camera Players report back on 10 years of work and fun.

Soma: an anarchist therapy (tags)

Soma is a documentary about a group therapy in Brazil which incorporates capoeira, Wilhelm Reich, and anarchism.

setting up local screenings of Soma: an anarchist therapy (tags)

Soma is a documentary about a group therapy in Brazil which incorporates capoeira, Wilhelm Reich, and anarchism. I will be travelling between May and August around the US and Canada, screening the DVD and conducting a workshop. I am looking for help in setting up screenings

Immigration, Genocide and the Demonic (tags)

Burbank / Home Depot Labor Center Protest brings the depth of the minutemen’s racist sickness to the fore.

ok reformists... (tags)

please email this to your reformist friends

Dispelling the Darkness (tags)

What are these towers for? Concentration camps in America?

Review of Chaz Bufe's "DESIGN YOUR OWN UTOPIA" (tags)

Review of Chaz Bufe's "DESIGN YOUR OWN UTOPIA" - by Bob Black

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