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Codification de l'encellulement (tags)

Tout, puant, la mort...

Codification de l'encellulement (tags)

Le spectacle de l'aliƩnation, l'aliƩnation du spectacle...

Abolish Teenage Sexual Abstinence (tags)

The truth about the destructive effects of teenage sexual abstinence has been suppressed for more than 100 years. Religions have promoted unhealthy attitudes toward sexuality for thousands of years. The truth must be heard, and honest dialogue encouraged.

Senator Craig Media Critique (tags)

In covering the story of Senator Larry Craig reaching for contact under a bathroom stall, the media has focused on the hypocrisy. But people who have power to push their own hypocrisies on the less powerful are not just hypocrites, they are not just expressing a different opinion, they are enforcing a system which creates psychological and financial suffering.

The last (tags)


Are Slutty Little Girls Empowered? (tags)

Has the tendency of pop culture to be fetishing the hypersexualization of young teen girls a post feminist self-empowerment or is it merely a recipie for disaster? Have the men of the world done enough post-doc work to allow themselves to be awed that their daughters, their schoolmates, their dating pool, and their neighbors are taking their very oppressed and male-dominated sexuality and taking it back and owning it? Or, will this result in even more rape, date rape, and the lifetime of suffering for Survivors of Sexual and Physical Abuse? And their future partners?

Revolution and Sexuality (tags) has been the site of a rich and candid exchange over revolution and sexuality--including much debate over the new position taken by the Revolutionary Communist Party on homosexuality. The sister who volunteered to make these excerpts wrote: "As I thought, I found doing this difficult. The posts on sexuality are long, thoughtful and it's a varied subject." The excerpts we chose focus mainly on the issue of same-gender sexuality and will give you a sense of how that debate is developing.

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