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Amnésie antérograde majeure (tags)

Toujours de la thérapeutique d'urgence...

Paraphysique de la folie (tags)

La souffrance de la folie...

La folie (tags)

La folie est chez elle, partout, dans ce monde...

Right-wing Populism: Can More Madness Cure the Madness? (tags)

Neoliberal policy was always mad. But an even greater madness now appears with rightwing populism. Politics is mad because it writes off large parts of the population. Economic Darwinism has nested and established itself as market ideology in the brains of people.

The Madness of Caligula (tags)

According to the German editor, Heribert Prantl, Caligula showed his madness by appointing a goat to the Roman Senate. His successor burnt all his decrees and order.

Amnésie antérograde majeure (tags)

Le monde de la folie...

Paraphysique de la folie (tags)

L'organisation présente de la vie est la plus grande des folies...

America's Promise & The Grim Reality (tags)

Here are some cold irrefutable facts about the murderous corruption of fbi.

Misguided Calls for More QE (tags)


Our Work And Pain Lives Through The Ages (tags)

My commentary to friend & adversary follows.

The Goodness of Mankind Is Threatened (tags)

See my report concerning some of the effects of a police state on modern man.

End Wars or They'll End Us (tags)


Washington's Master Plan: World Conquest (tags)


Madness in Ukraine (tags)


Book Review: "The Greatest Predatory Attack of History" (tags)

The 1933 Glass-Steagal law created a firewall between commercial and investment banks and prevented speculators from gambling with the money of savers. Restoring Glass-Steagal would restore trust and public spirit. Profit-making is not profit-maximizing; speculating is not investing.

Amnésie antérograde majeure (tags)

Les bonnets rouges de la contre-révolution...

Bracing for An Eventual Day of Reckoning (tags)


Obama Plans Shock and Awe Madness on Syria (tags)


The Bloom Is Off Gold (tags)


More Economic Straight Talk (tags)

class war

Money Printing Madness (tags)

class war

La folie (tags)

La folie de la vie est la vie de la folie...

EU Austerity Madness (tags)

class war

The crash of 2009 (tags)

Will be bigger and more effective than the last one.


It takes a humorous look at very serious events unfolding in Israel.

Hammers, Velveeta® And The Blue Skinned Beast: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Adop (tags)

Orange Fizzy Drinks, George III, Blue Piss, Trenton, Hammers, Madness, Vernors Soda, Forwarded Emails, MoveOn PAC, The Blue Skinned Beast, Talking Not Acting, A Modest Proposal, And Adopting A Swing State

Fear and duplicity (tags)

Some thoughts on fear, intimidation and Martin Luther King Jr.



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