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Comments on Palestine's UN Failure (tags)


Planned Israeli Jordan Valley Annexation? (tags)


Dispossessing East Jerusalem Palestinian Residents (tags)

police state

PA Recognizes Palestinian Statehood (tags)


UN Vote on Palestine (tags)


Obama Rejects Palestinian Statehood (tags)


Palestine: One or Two State Solution (tags)


International Law Revisionism (tags)


Jerusalem Day (tags)


No Peace or Justice in Our Time with Netanyahu (tags)


Israel Toughening Conditions for Palestinian Detainees (tags)


Commemorating Palestinian Political Prisoners (tags)


Exposing Israel's Fraudulent Third Periodic Report to the UN (tags)

exposing Israeli lies

Ethnically Cleansing East Jerusalem (tags)

Judaizing East Jerusalem

Israeli Banks Profiteering from Occupation (tags)

Israel banks operate like Wall Street

Israel's Longstanding Middle East Plan (tags)

Israel's divide and conquer strategy

The Liberal Media: Rest in Peace (tags)

the myth of the liberal media

Judaizing Jerusalem (tags)

Israel's aim - make all Jerusalem exclusively Jewish

OCHA's Special Focus on Occupied Palestine (tags)

horrific Gaza conditions under siege

Alarming Racism in Israel (tags)

growing Israeli racism

Palestinian Political Prisoners (tags)

bogusly accused Palestinians

Israeli Settlement Expansions Continue (tags)

all Israeli settlements are illegal

Israel's East Jerusalem Linked Settlement Expansion (tags)

continued land theft

Gaza One Year Later (tags)

occupied under siege and oppressed

America's "Bases of Empire" (tags)

imperial America's global face

Drought and Israeli Policy Threaten West Bank Water Security (tags)

Inadequate West Bank water.

Human Rights Violations in Israel and Palestine (tags)

Violations in Israel and Palestine

UN's Assessment of Human Rights Violations in Occupied Palestine (tags)

Israel's continued oppression in Occupied Palestine.

Bush's democratic rhetoric sets the middle east on fire (tags)

Battling the windmills while Iraq burns By RAMZY BAROUD Special to The Japan Times DOHA, Qatar -- Cast aside the nonsensical rhetoric about U.S. President George W. Bush's ostensibly successful efforts to bolster democratic tendencies "sweeping" the Middle East, and you'll discover that the facts are not so rosy, with Iraq remaining the most horrific reminder. Bush seems to reside over an entirely different world reality when he adamantly presents himself as a visionary whose uppermost concerns are freedom and democracy worldwide, with due emphasis on the Middle East.

Occupied Territory Postponed (tags)

The Organizing Collective with Occupied Territory is announcing that the Occupied Territory Gathering is going to have to be postponed for several months.

Occupied Territory II- Anarchist Gathering (tags)

Occupied Territory II Feb 2005 - Bay Area

occupied territory report back/police harassment (tags)


Occupied Territory: Tarps, Forks, and Community (tags)

Things you need for the Occupied Territory Gathering this Friday!

Occupied Territory Gathering CA FAQ (tags)

Occupied Territory FAQ *Note: The meeting spot for the gathering on Friday June 18th has been changed to 3pm-5pm San Pablo and Belmont in Fresno CA. FNB feed, park located under freeway, ample parking.*

Update with CA Anarchist Gathering Fresno June 04 (tags)

Occupied Territory CA Anarchist Gathering Fresno June 04 (tags)

Occupied Territory is an anarchist gathering happeing in Fresno 2004 June 18-20. The gathering wil focus on local and regional collectives, building an autonomous village, and creating dialog for greater organization.

CA Anarchist Gathering 2004 FEB 18-20, 2004 (tags)


Jewish Web Sites Opposed to Israeli Ethnic Cleansing etc... (tags)

This is a listing of Websites that are Jewish, and opposed to current Israeli Government Policies. The Zionists do not speak for all Jews.

Reference Links: Jews against Zionism (tags)

Zionists, and Israel, do not speak for all Jews - not even a majority. Any attempt to claim otherwise is Zionazi Propaganda.

Breaking the Silence on the Israel Lobby (tags)

I placed much of the blame for the escalation of violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the actions of the organized American Jewish community and by individual Jews working independently who over the years have successfully stifled, intimidated, and marginalized critics of Israeli policies.

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