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British tabloid: Shocking revelation on the 10th anniversary of the war on Afghanistan (tags)

The real shocking issue is the persistent denial of the genocide of the Afghan people.

Chertoff Buried Early Evidence of Bush Torture Campaign in Afghanistan (tags)

The nominee for new Homeland Security secretary, back in 2002, worked hard to keep the public from hearing courtroom testimony that would have revealed the Bush government’s new campaign of torture, allowing it to spread from Afghanistan to Guantanamo to Iraq.

Some Important Points about Afghanistan (tags)

The direct result of the Najib coup was murder of 1,000's of people. When the Soviet forces occupied the country they used anti-personnel mines to limit opposition groups. Today over 1 million Afghani's live in refugee camps in Iran while nearly 2 million live in refugee camps in Pakistan. This demonstrates the value of national boundaries.

Pakistani sources claim Bin Laden has left Afghanistan (tags)

The person who originally posted these articles to www.indymedeia provided this "summary:" Guess it's just a straight oil war from now, boys: a black sludge that American's have had much practice offering up themselves to pad the corporate bottom line in the past.

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