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Irresponsible US Iran Bashing (tags)



National Cop Watching Network via text messaging. REPORT POLICE ACTIVITY FROM YOUR CELL PHONE

Open Season on Muslims in America (tags)

targeting innocent Muslims

AIRNow--the eternal optimists (tags)

Air pollution reporting agency, AIRNow, consistently presents an excessively rosy air pollution levels forecast--one seldom, if ever, born out by actual contaminant levels on the ground.

United Students Against Sweatshops sitting at Riverside and Berkeley Univesities (tags)

Students Are Sitting-In in California!

Protest Nothing (tags)

hey lets all stand in a designated area, walk down a designated path, hold some watered down signs of leftist slogans and wait till nothing happens as a result! sounds like a fucking great time!

INS Dragnet: Only Muslims need apply? (tags)

INS deadline (anyone even heard about it?) to register is today, December 16th, 2002. Do your best to take ABSOLUTELY no notice of the glaring ommision of Saudi Arabia...

Like ships in the night (tags)

On the left we have the bus that is specially designated for the corporate press. On the right we have the bus specially designated for protestors.

Rage Against The Machine to play free gig as clinton sqauks (tags)

Rage Against The Machine will play a free concert to kick off the Battle of Los Angeles

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