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Xingu Under Attack:Letter No. 7: the federal Government (Brazil), we want back (tags)

His Government said that if we left the construction site, we would be heard. We went out peacefully-and prevent you from spending a lot of shame in taking the force here. Even so, we have not been met. The Government has not received us. We call by Minister Gilberto Carvalho and it didn’t come.

Dershowitz and Grades of Human Beings (tags)

So you see, one reason that you can just bomb the hell out of the Lebanese in general is that they aren't human beings at all. They are "animals."

Will the West Survive? (tags)

Survival of the West (tags)


protest the curfew in the carson, wilmington, san pedro, torrance, long beach area!! take back your rights! were looking for anyone interested in helping in any way possible (=

Like ships in the night (tags)

On the left we have the bus that is specially designated for the corporate press. On the right we have the bus specially designated for protestors.

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