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Czech Greens enter right-wing government (tags)

Following the Czech parliamentary elections of June 2 and 3, the Green Party is now preparing to join the right-wing government of the arch-conservative Citizens Party (ODS). The Greens have now entered an Eastern European parliament for the first time, with Strana Zelenych (SZ) receiving 6.3 percent of the vote. Clearly, the Green Party in Prague is beginning its political odyssey at the point it left off in Germany—as a governing party; but this time no longer in alliance with the Social Democrats, but instead with politically conservative and right-wing parties.

Prague antiNATO protests (tags)

The NATO summit (November 21-22) in Prague was met by a week of peaceful protests, despite the presence of 2000 CIA Agents and 12,000 Czech police officers.

Czech mayday demos (tags)

This year two big Mayday demos took place in Czech republic

Undercurrents release video of battles in Prague World bank/IMF (tags)

Undercurrents have produced a great video of the battles in Prague World bank/IMF meeting

Buenos Aires against the IMF (tags)

More than 600 students and left-wing organizations marched all around the city of buenos aires in support of Prague demonstrations

Prague report in La Jornada of Sept 28, 2000 (tags)

The Mexican national daily newspaper La Jornada is of unusually high quality. This is its lead news article in the September 28 issue, part of its reporting on events in Prague. The English version, my translation, is first; then the original Spanish version.

radio free palms: Prague coverage (tags)

coverage of Prague

urgent: S26 outlawed / open letter to V Havel (tags)

Prague authorities have revoked permits for all street demonstrations on September 26th. This obvious abuse of power probably won't stop the thousands of activists gearing up to disrupt the IMF/World Bank meetings next week. Activists from around the globe can also help out by signing the open protest letter to Czech President Vaclav Havel (once political prisoner himself), and by faxing it to his office and/or sending email. ©copyLEFT

People's Economic Direct Action... (tags)

An Idea for the Movement & all of Society towards Directly Dismantling the Capitalist Machine Right Now...

Wait a sec... the FBI? (tags)

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