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CHICAGO CONFIDENTIAL! First National Convergence of the Movement for a Democratic Society (tags)

It was a hectic week for activists in Chicago. There was the Select Media Festival, a Teaching for Social Justice Conference, a SNCC commemoration, the Humanities festival, a National Convention to End the Death Penalty, and Bob Brown’s law-suit against the corporations. Not least, the Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS) held its first national convergence at Loyola University, from November 8 through 11 with the participation of the newly inspired SDS, Students for a Democratic Society.

For a Revolutionary Art! (tags)


Julio Carreras (h) : La novela del visionario (tags)

La novela Bertozzi es una aventura en dos planos: en objetivo y el mágico. Hijo de un capitán del ejército fascista, el intelectual italiano hereda una misión que consiste en restituir a sus propietarios originales un papiro arqueológico.

UNITE FOR JUSTICE (Banner) (tags)

"It is by the force of images, that in the course of time, real revolutions are made." -Andre Breton (founder of the Surrealists)

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