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Take a Step Back – Robert Tronge (tags)

I’m sure we’ve all heard the statement “walk a mile in his shoes”, but how many people are actually willing to step outside of their comfort zone and do this for a real. Most people are unwilling to see the other person’s point of view, especially when it violates their concept of right and wrong, whether that view of right or wrong is based on past experiences, ethnic, cultural, religious believes or outright bigotry.

Reasons to Oppose the Institution of Marriage (tags)

The recent announcement by President Obama in support of gay marriage leaves many questions unanswered. Why do we need to get permission from a religious authority figure to be with the one(s) we love and care about? Isn't monogamy really for the birds?

Distribute "Free Hugs for Peace!" at Saturday's March (tags)

This is a project that one person can do in less than 20 minutes. It will bring joy to hundreds and help foster a warm sense of connection and community.

New! Vote Peace lawn signs now available! (tags)

Inform your friends and neighbors about the growing voting block for peace with one of these colorful lawn signs from

Impromptu Protest Against Fascist Regime (tags)

I joined a demonstration under way which hopefully will take place once a week from now on.

Where Have All the Bush/Cheney Bumper Stickers Gone? (tags)

You still see Kerry stickers, so what’s the deal? Did the GOP use cheaper glue, or is there some other reason that the once ubiquitous black-and-white decals have suddenly disappeared from the nation’s SUVs?

URGENT! World Can't Wait--High School student suspended for organizing (tags)

High School students organizing to Drive Out Bush! at Reseda High suspended!

Free stickers with self addressed ,stamped envelope TROOPS HOME ! BUSH TO JAIL! (tags)

Free high quality vinyl stickers with self-addressed , stamped envelope

Free FIRE THE LIARS stickers (tags)

Free vinyl stickers with SASE... FIRE THE LIARS!

In the midst of Miami's FTAA chaos we fed the homeless and guerrilla stickered the city (tags)

Despite all the bad images and problems of the FTAA protest there was some very positive things that also happened. There were many people that took time to commit acts of social responsibility and acts of kindness.

Assholes and Angels in Our Midst (tags)

Adventures in Meeting the Enemy

KOBE's Premeditated Acts of Vandalism (tags)

KOBE's Premeditated Acts of Vandalism from their own Forum, in their own Words.

How To Produce and Distribute Bumper Stickers With Minimal Cost Using Common Home Office E (tags)

If you are like me, you've noticed that anti-fascist/anti-Bush bumper stickers are hard to find. What you probably do not realize is that the dearth of these stickers is not caused by the lack of a market. The market not only exists, but is enthusiastic and yearning to express itself. I know because I broke ground in my local area by producing and distributing anti-Bush bumper stickers in exchange for donations to my collection of anti-fascist websites.

"Bush Lies, Who Dies?" Stickers Available Now (tags)

Raise the volume of protest against the Bush Administration's lies on Iraq with these bold, eye-catching stickers from United for Peace and Justice.

Wage Meme Warfare On Bush! (tags)

You can wage guerilla memetic warfare against the Bush Regime by printing up "Bush Lied!" stickers and sticking them everywhere you go.

(repost) Free Bumper Stickers from Computers NLA (tags)

We at Computers NLA hate anarchists. In order to promote our anti-Anarchist beliefs, we are giving away free bumper stickers. Just give us a call or drop by.

Free Bumper Stickers from Computers NLA (tags)

We at Computers NLA hate anarchists. In order to promote our anti-Anarchist beliefs, we are giving away free bumper stickers. Just give us a call or drop by.

Anti-Propaganda Stickers Released (tags)

Fight Marketing with Marketing with Anti-Bush Anti-Propaganda Stickers

Bumper stickers aren't enough! (tags)

Anyone with a computer and some tape, go go go.


If you liked the main story about Hollywood celebrities coming out against the war,come see this art show. The exhibit deals with Hollywood's involvement in war propaganda and comments on celebrities who've come out against the war and makes the point that they're working within a corrupt industry and their voices are not more important than yours or mine - or rather, as long as we give them importance our voices will be less important. The exhibition makes the case for supporting and making independent media and art!

Stickers cause delay at airports (tags)

Promoter/Organizer of politically oriented coffee house's detained for bumper stickers.

Spread Some Sanity! (tags)

Spread Some Sanity: Attack Global Warming Not Iraq!

FBI: Use of Stickers Constitutes "Eco-Terrorism" (tags)

In the latest twist to define dissent as terrorism, the FBI has stated that use of stickers now constitutes "eco-terror." In more honest times, unlawful placement of stickers was termed graffiti or vandalism. While public space has been invaded with more and more corporate billboards and advertising, grassroots movements worldwide have made use of stickers with slogans to circumvent the diminishing opportunities to be heard. The FBI has stuck the label "eco-terrorist" on the environmental movement, singling them out from the countless groups using stickers to spread their message.

Picture of BioJustice Stickers @ the Starlight Bowl (tags)

Stickers @ the Booths for sale, for only a donation.

Indyans International (tags)

Announcement: formation of a group designed to promote Indymedia at a local level.

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