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Obama at LA Trade Tech (tags)

There might be some protests.


NEW YORK TO LA: THE FIGHT AGAINST GENTRIFICATION Anti-Gentrification Events Throughout LA 3/3-3/9/08

Save Our State Pops Its Head Up; Counterprotests Planned (tags)

Save Our State joins with student trying to shut down MEChA at Jurupa USD Board meeting and talk about taking on MEChA nationwide. Counterprotesters plan response.

SOS-NAZIS will be in Riverside tomorrow Mon 4/3 (tags)

Video slide show from the MEChA anti-war protest (tags)

Images from the march and an interview with a MEChA organizer.

Video from the MEChA Anti-war Protest (tags)

MEChA held a march and rally to protest the war(s) and US government policies this Saturday, March 26, 2005, in the City of San Fernando. Uploaded here is a short video from the event.

MEChA Protests JROTC, War (tags)

Saturday, March 26, in the San Fernando Valley, about 80 to 100 members of MECha protested against the militarization of our schools and the war in Iraq.

Anti-Militarization Rally Now! (tags)

As part of a national Mecha conference, students and community members, are marching and rallying in San Fernando in an action against Militiarization in the schools.

Counter-Military Recruitment Action in SFValley (tags)

MEChA National Action taking place this weekend in the San Fernando Valley. Hundreds of students and community residents will converge and voice their opposition to the militarization of school campuses.

End Israeli Settlement Activity (tags)


Only One KKK and Its "White" (tags)

In response to the ignorant post below about a "hispanic KKK," there is no such thing. There is only one KKK and it is made up of misguided people of European descent who falsely claim this land as well as a bogus sense of racial purity.

The Far Right and Anti-Mexican Racism (tags)

Sensing the impending end of their white privilege, Right-Wing ideologues have been using racist imagery created by the John Birch Society and others. Patrick J. Buchanan wrote that MECA is "a Chicano version of the white-supremacist Aryan Nation... and is unabashedly racist and anti-American"

Stop Nazi-fascist American Patrol! (tags)

This smear campaign against MEChA by these white-supremacist nazi scumballs must be STOPPED COLD!!!!

MEChA banner (tags)

In defense of IXACHITLAN! This is a nahuatl word that means land of the red faces! This what MEChA is about educational and political conciousness amongst our indigenous people... over 500 years of indigenous resistance.

MEChA meets SAL CASTRO (DNC Guest) (tags)

This is a photo of two Cal Poly MEChA students (Jessica and Esther wearing mecha shirts)with Sal Castro. He is a high school teacher for Belmont HS. Back in the 60s (1968)he was incarcerated for advising students to organize against the racism within the school system. The documentary called "CHICANO!" has footage and interviews with Sal Castro. After the blowouts in East LA and the release of Sal Castro, MEChA was founded at a conference at UC Santa Barbara in 1969. How ironic is that!

MEChA victory Photo (tags)

Here we regrouped at MEChA headquarters to celebrate our victory!

MEChA vs. DNC (tags)

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana y Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA)

MEChA students meet Sal Castro (tags)

Esther and Jessica of Cal Poly Pomona (wearing MEChA shirts)meet Sal Castro on the streets of LA Thurday August 17 at approx 9pm. Sal was invited by Gloria Molina to attend the DNC. Sal Castro, a highschool teacher at Belmont HS was arrested in 1968 for conspiracy as he advised and helped Chicana and Chicano students organize protest against the racist education system. One year later as a result of these blowouts, MEChA was founded... what a coincidence. See link on bottom for more history on Sal Castro and the Chicano Movement.

MEChA in defense of U'Wa (tags)

MEChA University and College students from LA to Rhode Island come to protest the DNC.

MEChA in defense of U'Wa (tags)

MEChA University and College students from LA to Rhode Island come to protest the DNC.

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