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12/2-3 LA Binational Conference To Cancel NAFTA and Unite Workers Of Mexico and the US (tags)

A binational conference of US and Mexican workers will be held on Dec 2&3 on the fight to cancel NAFTA and for unity between US and Mexican workers


Update on Lynne Stewart

KPFA Manager "Resigns" (tags)

KPFA's General Manager was forced to resign by the LSB amd PNB, but the anti-democratic faction she represented protested, putting out much misinformation about the termination and her performance as GM, even compromising the integrity of the KPFA news to present their one sided spin.

The Destruction of Palestine (tags)

Three, one hour lectures on the ongoing terrorism and genocide by an unrelenting , heavily armed, racist state, in occupied Palestine.

The Long War: The Apotheosis of Capitalism Part One & Two (tags)

Sheepdog's Pic. Extremely important perspectives on the current goading of the people into a future of war and terror, and Project Granite Shadow. Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone provide analysis on the collapse of Capitalism into Permanent War.

Prelude to the Death-Squad State (tags)

The London Bombings, Part Four: The De Menezes Execution- Prelude to the Death-Squad State Ralph Sheonman and Mya Shone discuss the public assassination of man 'with Mongolian eyes' to accustom the people to death squad social order. Coming to a town near you.

Creating the Next Pandemic (tags)

After listening to this series, if you are not concerned, you should see a doctor. Ralph Shoenman and Mya Shone provide some background on the terror state and the prospects of state sponsored terrorism by the activities of our black death labs and how, without public scrutiny, we live on the edge of a species extinction; ours.

London: FALSE FLAG OPERATION - Ralph Shoneman and Mya Shone (tags)

* Sketch of London bombing timeline

Creating the Next Pandemic -part one through six. (tags)

Ralph Shoenman and Mya Shone, in these six, one hour lectures, describe the history and current frontiers of death being prepared in the evil hell of our bioweapons labs. Marborg, Ebola, AIDS, nanopaths and other synthetic 'population controls'...

040824 Killers Then and Now: Porter Goss and the CIA (tags)

Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone expose this creature.

Killers Then and Now Poter Goss and the CIA (tags)

Mya Shone and Ralph Shoenman examen the individual soon to be implementing the police state and methodology of terror to maintain it.

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