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Logom├ętrie logomachique (tags)

La mort dans la vie, la vie dans la mort...

Kerry and Abbas Conspire Against Palestinians (tags)


Netanyahu's Latest Demagoguery (tags)


New York Times Editors Love Ruthless Despots (tags)


Human Rights Day 2013 (tags)

human rights

A word in defense of the eco-prisoners (tags)

it just rubs me the wrong way

The Second American Revolution : Zionists, the Naked Whore (tags)

The problem with being a naked whore is that everyone can see you, darling

The Second American Revolution : Weirdos in High Places (tags)

When someone doesn't get their job done, under the capitalist system, the solution is to just fire them and then not give a damn

The Second American Revolution : Israel and the Religious Right (tags)

An examination of Ted Bundy, the 'god' of Israel and the Religious Right

The Second American Revolution : Religion and Capitalism (tags)

A brief examination of the 'family values' of a happily married couple.

Verhoeven's Black Leather Sci-Fi Aesthetic: Starship Troopers Re-Reviewed (tags)

A re-review of Paul Verhoeven's 'Starship Troopers', adaptated from a Robert A. Heinlein novel.


Progressive political leaders are still going down in flames following "crowd politics" rather than engaging the multitudes in true democratic politics, in which the people are the leaders. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), was only the last one defeated by ruthless investor driven politics.

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