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Freedom Socialist Candidate for U.S. President tours California in April (tags)

Stephen Durham, who is vying for the Peace and Freedom Party (PFP) nomination in the California June presidential primary, will campaign in the state from April 12 to May 2. He will speak at several public appearances in and around LA between April 20 and May 2.

What Is Life? The Scientific and Philosophical Case Against Genetic Engineering (tags)

Account of the "Science and Genetic Engineering" panel at the Biojustice/Beyond Biodevastation V conference in San Diego, California June 22, 2001, featuring former genetic researchers Drs. Martha Crouch and Ricarda Steinbrecher. They discuss the mindset of genetic engineering, the scientific flaws in its central premises, the limitations of scientific information in general and the corporate agenda that decides what genes get research and what genetically modified products get created.

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