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CIA Human Experimentation (tags)


America's Intelligence Budget Black Hole (tags)


Spies "R" Us (tags)

police state

Waging War on Leaks (tags)

police state

Eye in the Sky Spying on Americans (tags)

police state

US plans massive data sweep (tags)

Little-known data-collection system could troll news, blogs, even e-mails. Will it go too far?

Budget for U.S. spying slips out (tags)

Budget for U.S. spying slips out — $44 billion In an apparent slip, a top U.S. intelligence official has revealed at a public conference what has long been secret: the amount of money the nation spends on its spy agencies.

State of California monitored war protesters (tags)

Oakland Tribune: State monitored war protesters Intelligence agency does not distinguish between terrorism and peace activism

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