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Good Lecture about Anarchism Today / Wobblies and Zapatistas (tags)

This is a pretty good lecture by Andrej Grubacic about the state of anarchism in America. I don't the racial and class criticism really applies to L.A., but other things are relevant. The main racial problem in L.A. is that POCs and women who have spearheaded many anarchist projects in the area are not recognized outside of the milieu, if they are recognized at all.

Santa Cruz Anarchsit Convergence Workshop Descriptions (tags)

The Anarchists are Coming! There will be almost 40 workshops and discussions at the Santa Cruz Anarchist Convergence from May 7-11th. Here are times and descriptions of all of them! Also: flyers, dates, times, and descriptions of several events surrounding the convergence. Check it out!

Renovación y continuidad en la ideología anarquista. (tags)

Quizás las controversias mayores entre los anarquistas tengan lugar al momento de considerar qué y cuánto es lo que hay que modificar y en qué punto los cambios deberán detenerse

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