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How the World Heads for the Next Crash (tags)

Governments secure the money of the rich. State debts have grown in nearly all countries of the world since 2010. Ten years after the outbreak of the financial crisis, the economy is again in a standstill or mired in crisis. Trump wants to cancel the recent bank regulations and cut corp taxes.

"Politics prepared the ground for financial war" (tags)

The current economic crisis is a product of political mistakes, economic incompetence and criminal energy. Capitalism altogether has been a declaration of war. Politics bungled deregulation. The wisdom of the market never existed.

Israeli Occupation, Colonialism and Apartheid: Crimes Against Humanity (tags)


We're not going slow. We're going Far--dispatch from an American in Spain (tags)

Report on the events in Spain surrounding large scale demonstrations and assemblies. 14 minutes of video.

Does "Indignez-vous!" in The Nation mag deny Hessel a bestseller in the USA? (tags)

Now Stephane Hessel has another reason for outrage, though at 94 he may be exempt from personal ambition and he always has been selfless, and that is the chance to also have a bestseller in the US.

Salah Hamouri: One of Thousands of Israeli Political Prisoners (tags)


The Russell Tribunal on Palestine: London Session (tags)

working for peace and equity

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine: Barcelona Session (tags)

Explaining Israeli crimes

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