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Palestinians trapped dying in Yarmouk, Syria – a test for the left (tags)

Thousands of Palestinians at risk- and the left is silent

Netanyahu on the Ropes (tags)


Netanyahu and Herzog Promise Business As Usual for Palestinians (tags)


Unaccountable Israeli Settler Criminality (tags)


Lawless Israeli House Demolitions (tags)


Israel's War on Islam (tags)


Testimonies Prove Israel Tortures Palestinian Children (tags)


Netanyahu Rejects Palestinian Sovereignty and Democratic Freedoms (tags)


Israel Encourages Settler Violence (tags)


Reason for Hope and Despair in Palestine (tags)


Continuing Palestinian Hunger Strikes (tags)


Jerusalem Day (tags)


The Nakba: Before and After (tags)


Palestinian Prisoner Unity (tags)


Palestinian Oppression: Official Israeli Policy (tags)


Systematic West Bank Settler Violence (tags)


Israel's Repressive Permit System (tags)


Palestine's Rocky Road to Statehood (tags)


East Jerusalem Palestinians: Lawlessly Revoking Their Status (tags)


Impact of Israeli Military Order No. 1650 (tags)

hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are at risk

Israel's ID/Permit System (tags)

An element of Israeli apartheid

Human Rights Abuses in Israel and Occupied Palestine (tags)

Jews are also affected

Ceasefires, Israeli-Style (tags)

Israel never honors them.

The Blame Game in Gaza: Covering for Israel, Concealing War Crimes (tags)

Israeli war crimes in Gaza

Jeff Halper's "An Israeli in Palestine" - Part I (tags)

Halper's excellent book.

Drought and Israeli Policy Threaten West Bank Water Security (tags)

Inadequate West Bank water.

Denying Palestinians Free Movement in the West Bank (tags)

West Bank repression.

UN's Assessment of Human Rights Violations in Occupied Palestine (tags)

Israel's continued oppression in Occupied Palestine.

Israeli Oppression in Hebron (tags)

A case history.

Terrorism Defined (tags)

The real meaning of terrorism.

A Review of the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (tags)

An account of Israel's ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from uncovered official and other documents.

Tempest in Santa Fe: Confronting Israeli Myth-Making (tags)

Propagandists on behalf of Israel have held a corner on public discourse about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict for the nearly six decades of Israel’s existence, but these purveyors of the Israeli line have become increasingly deceptive and malign -- and increasingly effective – with time.

Israel To Raze With Robot Bulldozers (made usa) (tags)

Describing a day of field trials, a Technion statement quoted an Israeli army officer as asserting the thousands of dollars invested in each machine would save lives. "Today the bulldozer drivers are exposed to great danger when they knock down buildings that have militants hiding in them," the statement quoted the officer as saying.

Journalists Find "Calm" When Only Palestinians Die (tags)

Media reports are one sided in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

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