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interactive documentary

The Root of Poverty is, Literally, Belief in Pride (tags)


Capitalism Loves Violent Revolution (tags)

keeping peace

new tentcity on Sunday come hell or high water (tags)

asserting the right to live

Tired of Babylon? (tags)

falling 1 tyrant shows how to fall them all

Vision of the Coming Tent-city (tags)

Asserting the 'right to sleep'.

Peace. (tags)

hey. it's me.

Babylon comes at Full Assault (tags)

Have empathy for the devil- not sympathy.

Zero Voter Turnout (tags)

"If voting worked it would be illegal."

Dethroning Tyrants 101 (tags)

Kingship is an inspiration followed when one finds suffering- to give all dedication to peace, while desiring to be free of preconceptions. Through embracing patience truth becomes obvious; a process of strengthening humility. Essentially, it is just a job (not, so much, a mystery).

HELP! (tags)

a strong wind

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