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love for mexico (tags)

love for people

Must Prosecute fbi/cia Assassins For Clandestine Murders (tags)

More than ever in the history of the world the people are being tortured, imprisoned, & murdered by their governments; one such group of homicidal government thugs are found in the fbi/cia, and they must be identified by name and prosecuted for their crimes, especially murder (& forced suicide). Thank you kindly.

To our people (tags)

With love

all you need is love (tags)

Love is all you need

Music in my radio (tags)

Music is the best way to wake up, is my culture.

Secret Synagogues (tags)

The Inquisition then - and now.

Violation of the US constitution (tags)

Georges W. Bush has violated the US constitution & sentenced.

J.David Galland's.. Iraq Intelligence Failure Was Unavoidable (tags)

J. David Galland explains why America got hoodwinked on intelligence in Iraq and why this gross informational failure was predictable and who is responsible

Activists occupy Venezuelan embassy in Australia (tags)

With today's peaceful occupation of the Venezuelan Embassy, solidarity activists intended to highlight the repeated coup attempts in Venezuela and the US-sponsored civil war in neighbouring Colombia. Activists expressed their support for the elected government of Venezuela and the formation of a new clandestine government of Colombia.

Conspiracy Theories and Clandestine Politics (tags)

A useful analysis of distinctions which should be maintained between "conspiracy theory" (a pathological orientation) and "clandestine [or "deep"] politics". From Lobster #29, June 1995.

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