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Elliot Abrams And His Three Monkeys (tags)

It's been over a week now since President www. Bush made his appointment of Elliot Abrams to senior director of the National Security Council's office of democracy, human rights, and international operations (if that isn't an office stuffed full of adopted idealism!)....

Monsanto's Revolving Doors To The FDA (tags)

One time Pentagon biowarfare chemical, now FDA approved and available to you! You'll find the full-length article accompanying this cartoon at the Savior Ass website in the archives. Thangkya.

George www. Bush throws Vieques an imaginary bone (tags)

For the rest of this horribly intriguing report you must go, right now, to or else click on the address below and find the report on the Savior Ass homepage. Thank you and fuck the Navy.

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