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Wrongheaded Fed Policy (tags)


The high cost of new and improved (tags)

A relentless push to induce more consumer purchases is endemic. The weight and size of what we buy is bigger. And it is wrapped up in ever more packaging. The social costs of all this unnecessary consumption are high, and are paid for in environmental destruction.

New, improved unions (tags)

New, improved unions

27: Dominators in Charge (tags)

This is a call for revolution We exist within a community of life Our choices influence the course of existence Are we leading or are we being led Will we choose peace or war

More from the Inside (tags)

CORPORATE MEDIA EXPLOITS LITTLE BOY AT BIO2001 - One little boy whose health was improved as a result of “biotechnology” was interviewed by a corporate radio station that had set up a studio (see photo below) at the conference. After the boy said a few words to the effect of how biotechnology had improved his health, the interview ended, and the producer yelled a loud “YES!”, clearly due to getting a soundbite he was hoping for, not out of excitement for the boy’s health.

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