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Paraphysique de proxémie guerrière (tags)

Le capital peut tout récupérer et l'adapter...

Paraphysique de la hiérarchie (tags)

Nous sommes dans l'erreur de A à Z...

Paraphysique de la hiérarchie (tags)

La hiérarchie du monde est le monde de la hiérarchie...

Race for Phillippine Senate presidency goes Global: From Asia to America (tags)

The EPCC NEWS sources have confirmed that race for the Philippine Senate presidency has turned global. EPCC NEWS also confirmed it's three way fight between Pangilinan of LP, Villar of NP and Enrile of the PMP. Enrile allied itself with LP in attacking Villar of the NP during the last presidential elections. This will have an effect on the senate presidensial race on the Congress opening in July 26.

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