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Romney/Ryanism in Tampa (tags)


Learning from Roosevelt (tags)

Harry Hopkins, head of WPA under Roosevelt, created 4 million jobs in 2 months. How many jobs in health care, education, bridge repair, community centers and journalism could be created today? Solutions are not lacking, only political will. Viva sharing and redistribution!


Meditations on a world in crisis.

GM's LBO, government-style (tags)

Lost Opportunities - Part One in a Series

"The Mother of All Evil is Speculation!": Oliver Stone's "Wall Street 2" (tags)

In "Wall Street 2," Wall Street is marked by profiteering, lack of understanding for Asians and fixation on getting the customer "on the hook" at the end. "This is the biggest sellout in history... If we don't do it, there will be no history."

Voter Apathy...or Voter Disgust? (tags)

are you a) apathetic or b) disgusted about your voting choices this time ;round? you know...people who want to be president are applying for a job. that's all.

Pentagon's Betting Parlor of Assassinations and Coups (tags)


Next Shah of Iran (tags)

NeoCons have picked the next King of Iran.

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