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Netanyahu Says He'll "Live Forever by the Sword" (tags)


Russia Challenges America's Orwellian National Endowment for Democracy (tags)


Israeli Prosecutorial Overreach (tags)


MH17 Coverup (tags)


Navi Pillay: US Imperial Tool (tags)


Israeli Police State Lawlessness (tags)


Testimonies Prove Israel Tortures Palestinian Children (tags)


New EU Guidelines on Israel (tags)


Disappearing Prisoners: Official Israeli Policy (tags)


Israel' 19th Knesset (tags)


Israeli Elections (tags)


Netanyahu: The Face of Israeli Fascism (tags)


Avigdor Lieberman Faces New Charges (tags)


Targeting Civilians: Israel's Specialty (tags)


Separate and Unequal in Israel (tags)


Khader Adnan Ending Hunger Strike (tags)


Israeli Torture: Accountability Denied (tags)


Bahraini State Terror Continues (tags)

state terror

Human Trafficking in Israel (tags)


Arab Spring Yet to Bloom (tags)


The Israeli Knesset's Anti-Democratic Agenda (tags)

Israeli repression

Israel's Infiltration Prevention Bill (tags)

Israel accelerating toward fascism

Imprisoning Palestinian Children (tags)

Children treated as abusively as adults

Human Rights in Israel and Occupied Palestine (tags)

serious human rights violations

Swissair 111,Israeli PM Ehud Olmert,Morris Talansky,AIPAC Attorney Neal Sher Cover Up (tags)

Morris Talansky the New York rabbi who bribed Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is in danger of being investigated in the U.S.. Rabbi Talansky s far more than a far right wing Jew who resides outside Israel - Talansky is a big investor in ImageSat of the Israeli government's military public company Israel Aeronautics Industry and is sueing it for not selling its satelite images to Hugo Chavez and Venezuela among others in order to increase his stock investment.

Jonathan Cook's "Blood and Religion" (tags)

Israel's imperial plan.

U.S. Ambassador Sam Fox:From Swift Boat War Fraud to Brussels,Belgium SWIFT Finance Fraud (tags)

Sam Fox would be an economic,political and social parasite by any other name but to place him as U.S. Ambassador to Belgium after the W Bush Regime's SWIFT financial spying scandal by ex Treasury Secretary John Snow and the U.S. CIA in Belgium is a lot like putting a fox in charge of the chicken coop.

Dutch F-16's ready to shoot down passenger plane because dark skinned men pass cell phone (tags)

I wonder if the general public thinks the war on terror has gotten out of hand when F-16s scramble to guard and possibly shoot down a passenger plane because dark skinned men on the plane are passing around a cell phone!

Two Families’ Dreams Were Not Demolished (tags)

When the Israeli government forced out the Nasrallahs from their home in Rafah, at Gaza’s southern edge, the Nasrallahs didn’t get a shekel. Their house was among more than 3,000 that stood in the way of a security cordon that Israel established along the border between Gaza and Egypt. The border district stood above tunnels that were, according to the Israeli government, used to transport weapons and bomb-making materials.

Johnny Wizard talks to America nationally broacasted! (tags)

Big deal. To the war mongering mass murdering thieves go the stolen spoils., as the bushite's devolving american new century would say.

Who is Hamad Hamoud? (tags)

Is john batiste going to sit with the loyal troops in the carnage he ordered, and bite the bullets for the team? Hell no, he's probably commanding from Florida, basking in the sun with his personal cut of that two billion with buford blount's two timing nazi whore of a wife.

Be American (tags)

Yeah?.. but what about the comments made by the bushite child killer phil smith? Maybe he'll tell us again why innocent children were targeted for murder to get rightly killed loyal enemy bushite nazi brethren?

Be American (tags)

I don't know about you, but I hate bushite rapists and torturers celebrated by corporate American Talk Radio news censors. As enemies of God and all that is great with this world, the bushite bombers should be called out for a man to man fight for their core beliefs, or be rightly killed as better dead than allowed to continue in our names.


It surveys the Israeli government's attempt to liberate the economy from socialist occupation. It looks at the fight over the just passed 2005 budget and gives a cautious "green light" to the direction of the reforms.

Migrant Woerkers Struggle in South Korea for Survival (tags)

South Korea: Despite State Terror Migrant Workers Struggle Is Increasing

South Korea: Despite State Terror Migrant Workers Struggle Is Increasing (tags)

Today exactly since 100 days migrant workers from Nepal, Bangladesh and Indonesia are staging a sit-in struggle in the South Korean capital Seoul.

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