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Justin Amash is the loneliest Republican in Congress (tags)

Justin Amash is the loneliest Republican in Congress

Iran Nuclear Deal: The Real Battle Begins (tags)


Iran Bashing in Late Stage Nuclear Talks (tags)


Laurence Tribe's letter on Investor-State Dispute Settlement (tags)

TPP and TTIP create a parallel private arbitration system where only foreign investors can sue states. This crisis for democracy and the constitutional state could be averted by scrapping Fast Track, TPP and TTIP.

Israeli State Terror the Root Cause of Palestinian Blowback (tags)


Ukraine's President in Ottawa and Washingto (tags)


Sanctions Wars (tags)


Grand Theft Healthcare (tags)


Obamacare Harms America's Workforce (tags)


Eulogizing a Mass Murderer (tags)


Video: Republican Theme Song - Nothing Really Matters and The Fear Economy (tags)

Thanks to House Speaker John Boehner and his Republican caucus, the "Do-Nothing Congress" was so awful this year that I decided it deserved its own theme song. I had fun putting together this video—which also calls out some uplifting wins MoveOn members and other progressives were able to achieve this year

Iran Nuclear Deal Bashing (tags)


Obama Spurns NSA Spying Reform (tags)

police state

Enemies of Syria Plan Escalated Aggression (tags)


New York Times Fiscal Cliff Duplicity (tags)

class war

Obama Authorizes Greater Wall Street Theft (tags)

class war

Washington Preparing for More War (tags)


Destroying the American Dream (tags)

class war

America: Heading for Tyranny and Impoverishment (tags)

scoundrel government

The Debt Ceiling: Where Are the Grownups? (tags)

The fact that the ruling elites haven't stepped in and forced the President and Congress to raise the debt ceiling, the way they did in October 2008 to push through the TARP big-bank bailout, suggests either that the corporate ruling class likes the "shock treatment" agenda being pushed by the Tea Party -- force a default on U.S. debt so the President and Congress will have to eliminate the welfare state virtually overnight -- or that the Tea Party has become the ruling class's Frankenstein, a monster it can no longer control.

Extending Key Patriot Act Provisions (tags)


Mixed Reactions to Obama's Middle East Speech (tags)


Cheerleading for War (tags)

naked aggression

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