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florence avenue

Retenes este fin de semana / Weekend checkpoints (25-27/feb/2011) (tags)

Pónganse listos y listas, hágan todo lo posible para difundir esta información.

Be wise, do everything possible to share this information.

Retenes este fin de semana/Weekend checkpoint warning (18-19/feb/2011) (tags)

¡Maneje con cautela! Si nota su ciudad en esta lista, mande la información a sus contactos. Corran la voz porque el único apoyo que tenemos somos nosotros. ¡Que viva la resistencia!

Drive safely! If you see your city on this list, please send the information to your contacts. Spread the word because the only support we have is each other. Long live the resistance!

Dumb ass LA cop lets his 3 year old son shoot him! (tags)

Now if your son or my son got the gun and shot someone we would be charged with several crimes. Will this cop be charged with a crime? Probably not!!!! They never are.

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