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Terrorist attack May be cause of Wall Street downturn (tags)

The silence from the investigating camps could mean several things: Either terrorists are responsible for the puts on the listed stocks or others besides terrorists had foreknowledge of the trouble that was about to strike Wall Street or may have even contributed and used that knowledge to reap a nice financial harvest from the instability of the market place.

Ballona Wetlands demonstration (tags)

Michele Sypert of the Sierra Club speaks during a DNC-related protest outside the Century City offices of Morgan, Stanley, Dean Witter (financiers behind the planned destruction of the Ballona Wetlands).

Sierra Club Demonstrates at Morgan Stanley LA Headquarters 8/17/00 (tags)

Sierra Club, Wetlands Action Network, Ballona Valley Preservation League and other environmental activists stage street theater and protests at the Los Angeles headquarters of Morgan Stanley-Dean Witter. Protestors call for halt to Los Angeles Playa Vista development and ask environmentalists to boycott the DISCOVER CARD.

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