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British Foreign Secretary Matches Kerry's Bullying, Bluster and Big Lies (tags)


Kerry Threatens Russia (tags)


America and Israel: Police States Writ Large (tags)

police state

Spiteful Government Puts Hammond in Slammer 10 Years (tags)

Framed and defamed, anarchist hacker was egged on by an FBI snitch, Sabu, to attack foreign targets.

Targeting Jeremy Hammond (tags)


Jan Perry's Mean Streak (tags)

For the last 3 years Jan Perry has attempted to thumb the South Central Farmers, but it appears that they have really brought out the true nature of the "Shirley Temple Black" of the City Council.

Jon Hammond Show (tags)

17 years on Manhattan Cable TV, The Jon Hammond Show is a music and travel soft news program. The show is legendary and has universal appeal. Tune in on MNN!

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