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AIDS PATENT TRACKING - Branded for life (tags)

Taking the 'test' now could brand you for life? Breaking news? HIV patient names to be tracked in all 50 states by year's end. This despite the fact no 'test' for 'HIV' exists just tests for unrelated and non specific antibodies that can react to nearly 100 different antigens. INSANITY!

Shays Fought the Revolution's Final Battle (tags)

Shays Fought the Revolution's Final Battle, and We Lost

'Ken who?' (tags)

Once again George W. Bush is relying upon the gullible and the naive to believe that he never really knew 'Kenny Boy' all that well.

Rodney Richards, Ph.D.: Why the "HIV Tests" Can't Tell You Whether You Have HIV (tags)

Interview with Rodney Richards, Ph.D., organic chemist who spent 13 years with Amgen and Abbott Laboratories working on diagnostic tests for HIV and other microbes. Dr. Richards explains that HIV has never been isolated by classical chemical standards; all the so-called "HIV tests" look for indirect markers; and they can be used to assess a general risk for immune suppression but not for the presence of HIV.

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