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Video of Percy Smeiser, Monsanto Rape Seed Victim (tags)

Video of Percy Smeiser explaning Genetically Modified Food @ the Really Really Free Market's Farmer Speak Out. ~Philly BioTech Conference ~ 13 min.

Percy Schmeiser is fighting what may be the strangest battle in the history of a (tags)

"My grandfather and my father homesteaded here," Schmeiser says. "There was no such thing as chemical companies, or even seed companies. They were free and independent."

Percy Schmeiser: Canadian Farmer Fights Back (tags)

Interview with Percy Schmeiser, the Canadian canola farmer who was sued by Monsanto Corporation for patent infringement because their genetically engineered plants contaminated his fields. He discusses the outrageous decision against him that could leave him owing Monsanto up to $300,000 — and talks about what he's doing to fight back.

Say Goodbye to the Family Farm (tags)

Panel discussion featuring farmers Percy Schmeiser, John Kinsman and Bill Christison and Farmer-to-Farmer Campaign attorney Bill Wenzel on the ongoing economic and ecological crises facing U.S. and Canadian farmers, and the ways in which genetic engineering may deal the death blow to the family farm. They also discuss the heavy-handed tactics of multinational corporations seeking absolute control over the food supply and the farmers that create it.

Great music at Beyond Biodevastation teach-in (tags)

3 bands confirmed for Beyond Biodevastation teach-in, along with speakers Jim Hightower, Vandana Shiva and many others.

Growing Global movement! Stop genetic engineering and protest Bio2001 (tags)

Protest the Chemical Companies!!

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