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CUBA: Besieged by hurricanes (tags)

We had hardly recovered from the emotional impact and material damages caused by the unexpectedly strong winds of hurricane Gustav on the Isla de la Juventud and Pinar del Rio, when news were received of sea floods caused by Hanna. Then, the worst news of all: that the very intense hurricane Ike, turning southwest under pressure from a strong anti-hurricane system located north of its course, would strike heavily over 625 miles throughout the national territory.

CUBA: Hurricane Gustav and the Cuban Five (tags)

“These adverse events should serve to make us work more efficiently every day and to make a more rational and fair use of every piece of material. We must fight our own shallowness and selfishness”… “Such effort shall come from our people’s work. Nobody will do it for us.”

Explorando el "barranco": una respuesta libertaria a Celia Hart (tags)

* Ante la invitación hecha hace algunos días desde La Habana por Celia Hart Santamaría – militante del Partido Comunista Cubano e hija de prominentes figuras del régimen – llamando a discutir alternativas de izquierda sobre el futuro de Cuba y donde específicamente se requería lo que el anarquismo pudiese opinar al respecto, el Movimiento Libertario Cubano da a conocer sus propuestas para el debate.

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