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Paraphysique des perturbateurs attentionnels (tags)

Les gens comme la seule entité révolutionnaire...

Paraphysique des perturbateurs attentionnels (tags)

Il n'y a finalement que de faux alliés...

German anti-G8 Infotour in LA? (tags)

The German anti-G8 Infotour group is doing a 22 City USA Infotour. We have been unsuccessful finding a group in LA to host us, and unless we find one immediately, we will tour from San Diego to Seattle (+ East Coast) with no LA stop. We already have promo material and posters all ready to go to make this tour easy for you to host. It would be sad to miss LA, so please write us right away! Thanks, J Germany

Making Sense of "Anna's" Posts - Banned on LA IMC (tags)

LA IMC makes very poor decisions in deciding what to show and what to hide.

Making Sense of "Anna's" Posts (tags)

A few thoughts on FBI infiltrator "Anna's" posts.

Anarchism in Action: Methods, Tactics, Skills, and Ideas (tags)

I've put together a book ( that is a compendium of anarchist/activist methods skills and tactics. It covers everything from decisionmaking, direct action, fundraising, and security -- and much more.

san diego/tijuana black block points of unity (tags)

originaly published by "you cant tell me how to act."

Black Bloc for Dummies (tags)

A nice attempt at explaining what Black Blocs are for those who want to know.

A Call For Anarcho-Pacifism (tags)

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