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Corporate power grab of Trans-Pacific Partnership clearer, but opposition building (tags)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is crammed with corporate giveaways, confirmed by WikiLeaks publishing the intellectual property chapter.

Speaker of the House Calls for a vote on delayed Fast-Track (tags)

Interesting stuff below. It seems that the pro-trade forces are jockeying for a better position, rather than actually pushing for a vote on Fast Track. Apparently, a lot of pressure is set to come down on Harlem's Rep. Charles Rangel.

Complete Transcript of Labor/Environmental Rally Against Fast-Track, 10/22/01 (tags)

Complete transcript of rally against H.R. 3005, "fast-track" trade bill currently before Congress, held in San Diego October 22, 2001 to lobby Congressmember Susan Davis to vote against H.R. 3005. To contact her, call 1-[800] 393-1082 or (619) 291-1430.

Labor, Environmental Groups Target Congressmember Davis on Fast-Track (tags)

Labor and environmental representatives held a press conference outside NASSCO shipyards Monday, October 22 to demand that San Diego-area Congressmember Susan Davis oppose the controversial “fast-track” bill, H.R. 3005, that would give President Bush authority to negotiate trade and investment treaties that Congress could only vote up or down, without amendments. To reach Davis, call the AFL-CIO national Congressional hotline at 1-[800] 393-=1082 or her San Diego office at (619) 291-1430.

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