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Hang an Anarcho-nazi for Herzl!!! (tags)

Hang an Anarcho-nazi for Herzl!!!

Hang Him, hang Him Quick! (tags)

The puppet judiciary of occupied Iraq today announced that Saddam Hussein would be hanged within 30 days. Saddam is presently being tried for the mass murder of Kurdish villagers but the judiciary insisted that he MUST be executed regardless of any other proceedings. This decision is a ‘just in time’ corporate-style decision – just in time for what the uninformed reader would ask? Just in time to save America from incrimination for supplying the chemical weapons and expertise required to kill the innocent Kurdish villagers – that is the REAL NEWS of the day!

We lost the war (tags)

Now it is time to hang the traitors

Destruction Of America (tags)

Seems we loose our Rights a little more each day! Each day what we call America is distroyed more and more.

Dead Soldier's Father Protests Against War (tags)

Reginald Keys, the father of British soldier Lance Corporal Thomas Richard Keys, 20, who was killed in Iraq, appears to threaten to hang himself. REUTERS/Gerry Penny

civilized or not? (tags)

Nobody can claim that Italians are not civilized but Iraqis apparently must be brutal hordes. Not at all!


New anti-war campaign.

Miami Farce: Rebelde Articulado (tags)

Another Future is Necessary! Let us take the Cancun victory forward and win battle to end 4WW before hegemonic policies of the US-EU Empire kill more millions everywhere. WTO, FTAA-ALCA-NAFTA disbanded, replaced with open forum to address many problems faced everyday by most people:

Sherman Austin in Custody (tags)

More than 50 people were in attendance to see Sherman turn himself in with encouraging energy and an optimistic outlook. Even though the cops hassled a camera-man about recording the federal building by accident, the good vibes didn't end. They grew stronger.

Image Copyright © 2003 Heidi Werntz. All Rights Reserved.

Seconds after the banner was cut from Mondays hang (tags)

Seconds after the L.A.P.D. cut one of the support cords for the banner hang this past Monday, one could catch just a glimpse of the informative website,

Amazon Watch ed talks w/ a reporter (tags)

Amazon Watch Executive Director Atossa Soltani speaks with a local reporter at a banner hang this past Monday in L.A. More information on the banner hang and the issues concerning the drop can be found at

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