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BTL:Lawsuit Challenges Congress' 'Unconstitutional' Defunding of ACORN (tags)

BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine

BTL:Study Finds Corporate Media Coverage of ACORN Follows GOP Script (tags)

BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine

ACORN "Scandal" Is RightWing BS (tags)

BradBlog has a good article about the "ACORN scandal" that Fox News and the Right Wing are pushing. The media blitz is just another naked attempt at racist fear-mongering to solidify the racist vote.

Video - ACORN 2008 National Convention/Protest (tags)

Sights and sounds from the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) National Convention held in Detroit, MI. June 21-23, 2008. ACORN members from around the country, and from Canada, take to the streets to demand a halt to foreclosures.

Eco-activists could be framed for insurance fraud (tags)

Potential for developers and/or SUV dealerships using arson and "eco-terror" DHS hype to frame eco-activists for profitable insurance fraud..

BTL:Poor New Orleans Residents Struggle to Have Their Say on... (tags)

...City's Reconstruction ~ Interview with Steve Bradberry, lead New Orleans organizer with ACORN, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

BTL:People of New Orleans Fight for Voice in City's Reconstruction (tags)

Interview with Steve Bradbury, community organizer with New Orleans ACORN, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

Bike Exhibits Opening June 4 (tags)

NELA Bikes! Art meets human powered transport for a sustainable city: June 4 – 26 NELA Bikes! is a month-long series of events being planned in Northeast LA to celebrate bike culture and inspire people to get out of their cars and ride. It’s being organized in conjunction with Bike Summer 2005, a city wide bicycle extravaganza that comes to Los Angeles this June after being hosted by seven other cities around the US and Canada.

ACORN Conclusion (tags)

The ACORN marchers gather afterwards and say their farewells.

ACORN's March on Wells Fargo (tags)

Monday, March 28th, ACORN members march to Wells Fargo.

ACORN National Convention Last Weekend (tags)

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now held its national convention last weekend on the UCLA campus, gathering in Pauley Ballroom and surrounding buildings, and also going out in the field for voter registration drives and marches, including to Wells Fargo downtown to sevre them with a civil action concerning predatory lending practices.

Cities and states face brutal cutbacks (tags)

BALTIMORE – In what could be called a “Thanksgiving massacre,” public school officials here handed out pink slips to 710 Baltimore City Public School (BCPS) employees. At least 1,000 are expected to have lost their jobs by January.

URGENT -- Protect CA renters! (tags)

Call the Governor and ask him to sign AB2330! Protect California renters!

Today's Voice: 3-Strikes is Inhumane and Unjust (tags)

The Media tells us what is wrong with the world; Voice4change will tell you what to do about it! Our member organizations are busy organizing, so we want to bring their message to you. Our affiliates are doing great work every day. They need your support…We will be their link to you. Sign on to

Social/econ justice in LA - ACORN update (tags)

Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) project updates and action alert Predatory Lending, Affordable Housing, Campaign for a Wage-Paying, Community Service Work Program andthe Child Care Provider's Bill of Rights.

Seattle ACORN Workers on Strike, your help is needed! (tags)

Seattle ACORN Workers have been on strike for a month. Scabs have been brought in. Your help is needed!

ACORN housing demonstration (tags)

A little boy with a fellow citizen from ACORN took to the streets yesterday, 8/11, in South Central L.A. to raise awareness around the issue of predatory lending.

ACORN housing demonstration (tags)

A little boy and a fellow demonstrator were part of an ACORN march to raise awareness in South Central L.A. Friday, 8/11, about the issue of predatory lending. For more information call ACORN at 213 747 4211.

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