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a cop

a refutation of cop logic (tags)

We've heard it all before and we're not listening.

Why the LAPD Fails at Stopping Gangs (tags)

A secret LAPD document demonstrates that the LAPD will respond to gangs only when gangs threaten the LAPD. Where does that leave the community?

Boycott Resist! (tags)

Remember: You don’t have to look like a cop to be a cop, and you don’t have to be a cop to do a cop’s work AND if you are doing a cop’s work then you are no longer a member of our community.

First LA Cop Watch Meeting 10/24 (tags)

First meeting to begin planning for a Cop Watch in Los Angeles on Monday October 24 at 7pm at the YJC Center 253 W. Martin Luther King Blvd

'turn the other cheek' is a moral responsibility (tags)


He seems to know allot about police equipment (tags)

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