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Help Needed to Free Rob "Ruckus" Middaugh! (tags)

Rob "Ruckus" Middaugh has been on the front lines in the war against state-sponsored terror!


IWD strike leaders & participants summarize 3/8 day of protest & enjoy entertainment

D2K Legal Struggles Continue, Join Broader Battles (tags)

Activists meet to continue organizing in support of those facing criminal charges from D2K and those brining civil lawsuits, and join together in the larger, ongoing battle for police accountability.

New Legal Support Group Formed For Remaining D2K Demonstrators’ Defense (tags)

D2K Legal Wrap Up holds its first meeting and organizes to take on the vitally important work of continuing legal support for demonstrators still facing trial.

Hunger Strike Begins at Twin Towers Jail (tags)

Beginning at midnight Friday night, eight D2K protesters will begin a hunger strike in solidarity with our brothers and sisters imprisoned behind the wall of Twin Towers. All are invited to join. TV, D2K, shadow conventions, websites. (tags) has helped out a lot with the and other Independent Media Center websites. These sites WANT your comments, photos, videos, audio, articles, etc.. about D2K events and topics. Please also check out: and

D2K. R2K. When Arianna gets arrested. Drug War. August 16 D2K March for Justice. (tags)

When Arianna gets arrested. That is the question and the answer. When will the suits in the suites hit the streets? And when will the streets accept her change of heart? When rich, white, and even famous, kids started getting beaten and killed in the early 1960's, then civil rights and voting rights progress in the South couldn't be stopped...

R2K. 341 still in jail. D2K calendars. Village Voice, (tags) and other website direct links to articles on R2K brutality. D2K March for Justice, on August 16th. March & Rally Against Mass Incarceration, Police Brutality.. This message shows URLs, so that they can be clicked in most email, message boards, and email lists. SO PLEASE FORWARD THIS. on R2K brutality! PhillyIMC hacktivism. R2K Updates. D2K activism. (tags)

Please forward widely. D2K activists should pay particular attention. After you read these R2K articles you may never look at activism (or hacktivism either) as you did before. To get to a version of this with banners, and where all the link URLs are clickable, click this link:

Labor to play major role in D2K protests (tags)

On July 29, the DNC adopted a strong anti-labor platform asking labor to support passage of fast track and strengthening of the WTO, and rejecting universal health care and a living wage. Labor will be in the streets in full force at the D2K protests to send a message that we will NOT roll over for the corporate free trade agenda.

We are Delighted And Excited About the ACLU court Victory (tags)

Writen by CISPES and D2K member Don White, this article expresses some of the ramifications of the ACLU's most recent court victory against the cities repressive convention planning It originaly was posted on the D2K network listserve. The title was changed by Marc so as to re-interpret it for the News-wire, as was the contact info

D2K Press Conference to Reclaim Pershing Square (tags)

D2K Holds a press conference Today to show the media who the protesters really are and to celebrate the ACLU's legal victory in regaining first ammendment rights for the DNC protests

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