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Stéréotypie des idéologies dominantes (tags)

Reproduction massive des comportements...

De l'esprit troupeau, l'effet imitateur (tags)

Toute une reproduction...

De l'esprit troupeau, l'effet imitateue (tags)

Toute une reproduction...

Stéréotypie des idéologies dominantes (tags)

La terreur du capital...

Free Internet Book: The Common Good (tags)

Rethinking the reproduction of life and the continuity of life on our planet from the perspective of the paradigm of the Common Good of Humanity is an urgent necessity in the current situation.

Against the Neoliberal "Modernization" of the Labor Market (tags)

he predicted employment effects of the neoliberal strategy do not go beyond expanding low-wage sectors and under-employment.

Annulling Debts as a Great Step (tags)

"The goal must be redefined beyond goods production and abstract labor, beyond the market and the state.. The great step of debt cancellation occurs when the burden can no longer be endured. The new finance capita-lism is a bubble and debt capitalism.."

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