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Non-violent protest ideas; hooch bomb recipe (tags)

Just a creative idea for making hooch bombs to throw at buildings for overwhelming stench effect. Only plastic juice bottle and yeast needed to make these safe and fun protest tools.

Nov. 29th Anarchist Cafe! (tags)

A call out to all radicals, drop outs, would-be revolutionaries, anarchists, and restless dreamers young and old. A social experiment in urban anarchy. A message in a bottle.

JUNK boat set sail Sunday (tags)

Algalita Foundation JUNK boat made of 150000 recycled bottles set sail for Hawaii to raise awareness of pollution from plastics and water bottle waste in the worlds oceans.

Bush hits the bottle (tags)

George hit the bottle for six days over the Christmas.

Continuing Gallo wines boicott (tags)

The UFW announced that their boicot of Gallo wines is over, however Gallo workers will continue to experience health risks from pesticide exposure at Gallo's vinyards..

Save Our State Minutemen Death Threats and More (tags)

Save Our State / Minutemen supporters telephone and email hundreds of terrorist threats while woman who was struck by a plastic water bottle calls the Constitutionally guarenteed right to protest against racism "domestic terrorism."

Activists' Guide To First Aid/Protective Gear (against tear gas and pepper spray) (tags)

Activists' Guide To First Aid/Protective Gear from the Black Cross Health Collective. This info rocks - the healers who put it together draw on their experience at Seattle and all the big North American demos since then They (and their friends) even field tested remedies for pepper spray!

LAPD -- dangerous 'weapons' (tags)

LAPD photo of 'weapons' found in protest site Aug. 14. Here we have two deadly weapons -- a bottle with an 'unknown'liquid (could it be water?) and a bottle of urine supposedly meant to toss at the cops. Why would anyone want to toss piss in a PLASTIC bottle. Could it be that someone just had to pee and used an empty water bottle. Gee, I wonder why they didn't think to take it out with them when they were chased out of the protest site?

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