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Dozens of fruit trees planted in the Westlake District by children have been uprooted. Kids worked to replant them Wednesday.

Brief Anaylsis Of LA and Seattle Occupations (tags)


Protests in Westlake (tags)

links to several articles about the protests in Westlake

BREAKING: Street Clashes with Police in Westlake (tags)

Monday Night 11:30 pm 9/6/10 – Clashes with police and protesters over a fatal police shooting that occurred yesterday in the community are still going on in Westlake tonight.

gw bush visits Westlake August 24 -WELCOME HIM! (tags)

reported in the ventura star free press that GW Bush will appear sat Aug 24 at Lake sherwood country club [I think in westlake] at republican fundraiser for simon. we have about 10 days to organize a protest so large he will have to cancel his appearance. Let the oil tyrant know that there is still some democracy left in the streets! Not in my county!

Police Surround Convergence Center (tags)

Police occupy area surrounding D2K convergence center on Wed. night

Police Converge on Convergence Center (tags)

A minor incident brings 120 police to the Convergence Center,where they occupy the street for an hour.

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