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Geoffrey Smith at San Diego Anti-Fast Track Rally, 10/22/01 (tags)

Geoffrey Smith, conservation coordinator for the San Diego chapter of the Sierra Club, speaks at the anti-fast track rally organized by the San Diego/Imperial Counties Central Labor Council October 22. The coalition of labor and environmental representatives at this event proves the "teamsters and turtles coalition" is alive and well in San Diego.

Jerry Butkiewicz at San Diego Anti-Fast Track Rally, 10/22/01 (tags)

Jerry Butkiewicz, secretary-treasurer of the San Diego/Imperial Counties Central Labor Council, speaks at the October 22 anti-fast track rally the Labor Council organized in San Diego. The "José Kahn" referred to in the sign behind him is the owner of New Frontiers Trading Co., which abandoned six tons of toxic lead waste at its Metales y Derivados plant in Tijuana in 1994 and has done nothing to clean it up since.

Photo #2, San Diego Anti-Fast Track Trade Rally, 10/22/01 (tags)

Participants in the anti-fast track rally held Monday, October 22 outside National Steel and Shipbuilding Company (NASSCO) in San Diego. The aim of the action was to persuade Congressmember Susan Davis, recently elected with labor and environmentalist support, to vote against H.R. 3005, the fast-track bill currently being pushed through Congress.

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