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Attend the first annual Campus Earth Festival at UCSC! (Featuring La Paz, LA's very own hip hop trio!) Independant journalists, video, audio, and photo are strongly encouraged. For more information, please send an email to:

Global Revolution: Interview with Kevin Danaher of Global Exchange (tags)

Kevin Danaher is the director of public education at Global Exchange, a human rights organization that promotes environmental, political and social justice around the world. I spoke with Kevin on August 17 while he was in Los Angeles during the DNC.

Kevin Danaher Interview (tags)

Kevin Danaher, co-founder of Global Exchange, discusses current civil liberties crises, the corporate media coverup of strong-arm repression of the anti-globalization movement, the recent victories won by the ACLU and Midnight Special Legal Collectives, the exploding democracy-in-media movement, and the grass-roots globalization of resistance movements. (Real Audio) (14:56)

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